Hey Guys,

So today was meal prep Sunday the importance of meal prepping for me is so high up there i am such a busy person and don’t have a lot of time in the day with training 2 times a day working a full time job and my social media commitments i don’t have much time to be cooking meals every day to in order to stop me from going for the all to easy option (the option that got me into the downward weight struggle in the first place) of takeaway i like to know i have a healthy well balanced meal ready to go in my freezer so this week i made some roast lamb with roast veggies and steamed veg some curry pumpkin soup (for the cooler nights) some stake veg and black rice and some wholemeal pasta i also like to have options so i can mix it up and not get bored i try to make different meals every week so I’m not getting bored.IMG_2241

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