A healthy lifestyle

I just wanted to share a quick tip with you for helping with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

1) always have a nice big fruit bowl on your bench and ditch all the unhealthy snacks in the cupboard next time you go to grab a quick snack fruit is your only option and although high in sugar it’s so much better for you than some of those highly processed snacks you may be choosing instead.

2) plan plan plan I know I harp on about planing but it’s so important plan your meals plan times where your dedicated to having a meal or a snack I HATE it when I hear people say this is all I have eaten all day and it’s 6pm at night THATS NOT GOOD FOR YOU!! and if you think it will help loose weight think again your body will start storing food if it dosent know when it will get food again consistency is key πŸ”‘. if you know your going to be out all day and arnt sure when you will be able to eat, plan ahead make a snack you can take in your bag with you and snack when you can.

3) they say as little as half an hr of exercises a day is a good idea, challenge yourself a little do something you usually wouldn’t, when I started on this fitness train πŸš‚Β I actually did volleyball 🏐 it’s so much fun and tennis is another great one exercise dosent have to be boring, for some looking at a black line on the bottom of a pool is fun πŸ‘‹ Lol πŸ˜‚Β yup I don’t mind it gives me thinking time till I forget what lap I’m on but luckily good ol garmin helps in that department. But what I’m saying is a sport like tennis or volleyball is social while exercising and having fun trust me I’m no pro at tennis my friend and I managed to play on 2 courts we kept the game going for a good 10 minutes but we were using to courts side by side ha ha great workout though but getting in there and having a go is all it takes.

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