Sunday run day!!

Hey amazing people!!!

Happy Sunday!!! this morning i did a trail run out at the local lake moondarra and it was absolutely STUNNING!! IT WAS THE BEST RUN YET with cloud cover (which we NEVER get out here) it kept nice n cool all morning. I had some amazing company this morning with my friends Teela and Steven Foot joining me on my run they both did so well.

All up i did 11km in 1hr and 15 mins a little on the slower side but it was hilly and i had to stop to pee once ha ha ha (to much info but hey were all friends here).

i was feeling HOT TO TROT in all my pink gear and really who wouldn’t feel amazing in pink really ha ha ha ha. If you wanted one of these pink truckers caps or some socks like mine jump on to t:zero multipart web page and check them out t:zero is the company my coach Emma Quinn works with it is a club of AMAZING athletes all over AUS I’m so blessed to have Emma as my coach she has been amazing Xx.

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