Sunday morning trot

had an amazing run this morning I did the trails out at the lake and I’m definitely going to miss this lake it is truly beautiful, it was glassy out on the water this morning. It was freezing to start with ❄️ But warmed up quickly ☀️ I felt super strong this morning, all of last week I was feeling a bit bla (flat) I just felt like my head wasn’t in the game my swims were off point I wasn’t performing in my runs and my rides may as well have been non existent that’s how bad they were, I think I just had a lot going through my mind with deciding to move to Brisbane (it’s a HUGE move) and having to sort everything out and work out the best way to do this all that I was just starting to feel very overwhelmed but today I felt like I was back head is back in the game I have the outback to the stack half marathon next Sunday and I’m looking forward to that and I have finalised moving dates now to so will drive out of the isa on the 11th September 🙌 COSTAL BOUND BABY!!!!! Woohoo.

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