YOUTUBE TUESDAY!!!! Weightloss surgery

G O O D M O R N I N G amazing peeps,

todays YouTube video is all about that controversial topic of “weightloss surgery” there is a lot of hype around this surgery Weightloss surgery!! How I saved my own life at the moment obviously i am a weightloss surgery patient I had the gastric sleeve gastrectomy  my surgeon was dr Samuel baker at the marter private hospital in Townsville he was an amazing surgeon Sam baker.

now being in the public eye like I am has put my story out there and I see all the comments good and bad and one thing I repetitively see is the people who tell me that weightloss surgery is cheating!! Or they are sick of seeing all these stories of people who have lost all this weight but had surgery and it just fell off them they didn’t work for it the first thing I would like to say about that is those people who had surgery and didn’t change a thing like the food they eat or exercise most end up putting the weight back on plus some and end up back under the knife, THIS SURGERY IS JUST A TOOL!! It will not be some merical cure well it may be in the first year or 2 but if u don’t use it as it as a tool and work on changing the bad habits you will put the weight back on. So next time you see a weightloss surgery patient don’t tell them there cheating don’t roll your eyes at them when they tell you they had surgery because I’m telling you now they have worked HARD to get to where they are the mental and physical determination this surgery takes or HUGE!


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