What is my drive and Y do i do it!!

Hey guys,
So a question I get asked ALOT is how do I keep my motivation and what drives me to keep going? Well I have a little time on my hands at the moment and in the past couple of weeks i have really put some thought into this question. Believe it or not it has been a hard one for me and i really had to dig deep, One of the girls i look up to Courtney Homes has actually recently written a blog post pretty much about the exact same topic! and i absolutely agree with her it defiantly does come from love of what we are doing, no one else motivates me more than myself. Motivation is not something we should seek from others motivation is something we should get from the pure love of what were doing. When I’m out there running there is nothing more motivating than feeling great, feeling like we have perfect form and rhythm feeling like our arms are held in the right position and were nice and tall that is what motivates me to go harder or stronger, sure i have bad runs and thats where i really have to dig deep these are the days where i really have to remember y i am doing this and what i love so much about this sport, i mean its never going to be sunshine and butterflies there is always going to be bad hrs, days & weeks but its these what seperate the strong willed from the strong because it is at this point most give up, but i garentee you will always come out the other side but u do have to dig deep and it isn’t supposed to be easy if it was everyone would be doing it right???

Im not going to lie i have my times some times weeks where nothing is going right, i don’t feel myself it is these times where again not another sole can help you EXCEPT yourself its these times where you need to evaluate why your doing this start looking at your goals maby its time to set some smaller goals to help get that motivation back i always like to have smaller goals on my way to my bigger goals. I feel like it gives me purpose something thats within reach and at times when it just feels like nothing is going right its these goals that help push you through.

Now to answer the question about what gives me the drive! My answer is…………… Smashing goals, so cairns was a big goal for me the feeling when i finished was almost bitter sweet amazing i had finished but NOW WHAT!!! i have spent at least 6 months preparing for this moment and now in what seems like a blink of an eye it is gone, done, over so i need to set another big one to keep me going basically. so i also use all my achievements to help push me further. if i need some motivation i look back to what i have done, lucky for me i have everything very heavily documented on my social media lol so it isn’t hard to ignore lol ha ha ha.

the bottom line is i LOVE what i am doing, I love triathlon, I love pushing to new limits and i love that i can help inspire others to get out there and give it a HOT go!!!!

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