Good morning amazing peeps,

it has been a very very busy week this week and I think my body is finally telling me I need to take a step back and rest my body I have fallen very sick 😷 this week unfortunately but I’m resting and hopefully will be back into training next week!!

So this week my episode of this time next year aired on channel 9 and I had a few friends over to watch it with me it was quite emotional actually when I walked back out the this year door it was quite breathtaking the whole experience was amazing I was flown to Sydney 2 times for the filming and on the 2nd time was dressed like an absolute princess 👸🏼. I jet back off to Sydney to appear on the weekend today show this past weekend and I must say Sydney is growing on me.

I AM ALSO SO PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT I AM A CATFISH ATHLETE AMBASSADOR!!!!🙌 Catfish athlete apparel is an Aussie brand of sporting ware they do swimware, running ware, tights, tri suits, cycling kit, crops,singlets, jackets and custom gear there all amazing styles and colours check them out Catfish athlete apparel I am so glad to be part of the catfish family and can’t wait to see what I can do in my new gear.

I really hope you enjoy this weeks video don’t forget to like and subscribe 💕

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