What I ❤️ about swimming 🏊

hey beautiful peeps,

so today was a 4k swim set and my 2nd Last swim here in Mount Isa. I really took some time to reflect today after I finished my session I actually spent about another hr just floating around under the water slowly swimming back and forth duck 🦆 diving and playing around if I was recording it I probably did another k just playing round lol 😂. As I was doing this I started to think about all the people who have told me they would love to do a tri but they just don’t feel comfortable in the water 💦 and I wonder if they start by doing some relaxing things in the water like duck diving and just purely enjoying there time in the water would it change there mind?

I know the swim can be daunting but if we learn how to be completely comfortable in the water would it change things?

I truly love being in the water sometimes it can be trying in training but no matter what I like to take the time to relax after and enjoy it I like to dive down and sit on the bottom and look down the pool look at all the beautiful colours of the sun shining on the water it truly is beautiful.

I really hope by sharing my journey I can help others not only in the swim but the ride and run to there is so much self satisfaction to be found in this amazing sport don’t let one leg scare you look it in the face and do your best to learn the beautiful points don’t focus on the negative try to learn the positive when I started out doing tri I was so scared to get on a bike SOOOOOO scared but I did it y not I’ll try something new and I did and I learned to love it. I love cycling now I even call myself a cyclist 😂

Xx 💋Elle

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