Elle’s Journey

Hey beautiful people,

So today my story was shared by a few  pages and a few people commented she had surgery and lost weight REAL INSPIRING!

So i really felt the need to tell my story the way i want it to be told it is well out there in the media now and there are so many versions of my story here is how i like to tell my story.

My Name is Elle and i know my story has been named a “weight loss” story i tend to tread very carefully around those words “weight loss” i prefer to call it a life transformation. I had weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve) so the weight-loss side of my journey was bound to happen, the real incredible part of my story was the decision i made after surgery, my decision to take up the sport of triathlon. I like to say i went from 184kg to ironman 70.3 in less than 2 years and in December I will cross that finish line of a full ironman in beautiful Busselton in WA. So just to break this down for you remembering by then just 2 years and a few months before i weigh 184kg. So in Busso I will swim 3.86k ride 180k then run 42.2k to the finish line. I haven’t worked out times just yet but i would say a good 14 to 15hrs of non stop pushing the body, over 3 disciplines, it is going to be HARD, I know it will be one of the most painful things i have ever done. Training for such an event is brutal I’m not going to sugar coat that fact and I’m not even into the incredibly full on training just yet. It is honestly one of the hardest things i have ever done. BUT i know i will get through it, I WILL cross that finish line. I have put my body through hell carrying all that weight for all those years I know Busso is going to hurt but I know I will make it, I know my body is capable and I have trained so hard for it.

I could have never done any of this without my support network without these people by my side i would have never been able to get to this point. So i would like to give thanks to first of all Aaron my husband and friend this has been so up and down for you and there have been some serious times of clouded waters, But your still here by my side thank you. My mum and dad and sister they were worried they were going to loose me but now there proud to watch me take back my life and get that determination back that i once had, but lost. Vicki your the one who put this idea into my head in the first place then got me started on my way you were a huge building block in the construction of this transformation i can’t thank you enough. Emma my coach and friend you have always told it how it is, there is no sugar coating it, right from the bat when i told you i was doing a full ironman in 6 months you were upfront and honest thank you, the improvement in my swimming, riding and running since being under your wing is incredible. I’m confident with you and all my other support network by my side Busso will be amazing. But u may all have to take turns in carrying me after lol.IMG_0951

  One thought on “Elle’s Journey

  1. Debr McIntosh
    October 27, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    Elle, I follow you – but I’d like to ask if you had surgery to remove excess skin, I hope you don’t think I’m mean – it’s just a few of my friends have had the bariatric surgery so I just wonder, regards Debi


    • October 29, 2017 at 8:43 pm

      Hey no I haven’t had any skin removed just yet I am very lucky to have bounced back so well 😊


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