Hey Peeps sooo recently I have had a lot of feedback from you guys around running, Some of you saying that all you can manage is a shuffle, Then you proceed to tell me how you wish u could run like me. First of all I wanted to remind you all where I came from so I started running (well shuffling) at about 160kg so I was in no way light, one thing I did have was determination and goals, another thing I also had was support, I’ll get to that in a bit. I hear a lot of you tell me that all you can do is shuffle and “AMEN” I know how it feels, while ur out there shuffling along and someone zooms past you looking all comfortable and relaxed and totally into there run, They probably run 10k non stop no problem, when u can’t even shuffle one, I know how that feels that was once me. So my support back in the beginning were close friends Vicki & Craig who own there own life coaching company in good ol mount Isa, without there support and guidance I would have been lost. I started off “shuffling” for 30 seconds then I would walk for a minute, I actually felt like my walk was faster than my shuffle lol 🙊 At first I couldn’t even hold 30 seconds of “shuffle” BUT I was determined and I eventually got there. When I could run 30 seconds  and walk a minute and continue to hold that pattern for 2 laps of the oval I then started to progress and upped my run time to 1 Minute run 1 Minute walk, I wasn’t able to do it right away, it took time but I eventually got there when I could hold that pattern for 2 laps of the oval I then started to try and cut my walk time back, so I was going for 1 minute run and 30 seconds walk, eventually I could “shuffle” 1k non stop it took time but I DID IT!! I then started to push for longer and longer runs. I started to work more on my technique, it is AMAZING what a little tweaking can do to help with a more solid run. The first thing i had to learn to do was run with my head up looking out at the horizon, eyes straight ahead, then with doing that I found I didn’t lean over as much, I was up straight and could breathe so much better and for some reason i felt taller and so much stronger, I almost felt like I look like a snob because I had my nose up lol. Then I had to start to think about the shoulders, when my shoulders are rolled back and I have my chest out I feel like I can breathe so much better, I feel super tall and in control I also feel like I can lift my legs a bit higher. Now days I have lost my “shuffle” and have more of a bounce (I sometimes fall back into a shuffle if I’m tyerd) and I can definitely run more than 10k non stop, In fact now a 10k run for me is a shorter run lol 😂 crazy how it works right in the past year my run has definitely got more stronger and a big part of that is thanks to my amazing coach Emma Quinn from Tzero multisports Em you know how much of an improvement i have made the results are showing through my racing times are slowly getting quicker and I’m defiantly feeling stronger.

For those of you out there who feel like they really struggle with there run, just remember where I have come from, I have been able to do it and with a little bit of drive and determination you to can achieve amazing things. I highly recommend setting a goal of huge proportions, mabye a half marathon in a years time, look for one your interested in and “JUST DO IT” register lock it in, then start to set smaller goals on the way to the bigger goal, that way you can see the changes and you will get that feeling of accomplishment as you kick those smaller goals, it makes that one “BIG” goal so much more meaningful. I also recommend putting it all out there for the world to see, on your socials, at work, tell your friends and family that will help keep you on track for success, knowing u have committed to this and knowing there are lots of people watching you and rooting for you will help drive you to success.

I totally believe in you, now just believe in yourself, trust the process and know “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. I truly believe anyone can do an ironman or a marathon with the determination, drive and A LOT OF HARD HARD WORK and belief. It won’t be easy thats why not everyone is doing it, but it is possible, that is what i am out to try and prove, anyone can do it, I am a normal person, I wasn’t built athletic at all, It doesn’t come natural to me at all. I hear it way to much the whole that person was born athletic and is just a natural, YES i agree some people do seem to have a natural talent BUT that doesn’t mean that if your not naturally athletic you can’t do it, because “YOU CAN DO IT” it will take time, you will feel exhausted,and at times it won’t feel like your moving forward, intact at times you will feel like your going backwards, it will be painful, it will DEFINITELY HURT, but in the end crossing that line will bring you such a sense of accomplishment that all that pain and suffering no longer matters and the people you can help to inspire and encourage to change there life will be enough to drive you even further. On that note i really wanted to thank you all for the encouragement and support i couldn’t do any of this without all of you guys my amazing followers and friends. I know a lot of you will be there in Busselton on the 3rd of December to cheer me over that finish line. I know the following on my social media over that weekend will be huge I am going to be constantly posting over that weekend to keep you all up to date, and show you all what it is like at these events and to sort of make you feel like your there with me.

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